David Gray | Artist

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David Gray is currently studying Computer Arts at Abertay University and works as an artist for Pocket Sized Hands. David left school at the age of 16 to pursue a career in the games industry, and he initially started studying animation for films and games at Dundee and Angus College. The 3 years he spent at college helped him realise what aspect of game art he wanted to specialise in, resulting in an interest of modelling, texturing and design. David carried these interests forward into university, by having his projects consist of modelling, texturing and designing numerous game environments and vehicles. For Pocket Sized Hands David has been assigned the role of lead environment artist in Honeypot Espionage. He has designed initial map concepts and produced dozens of textured environment objects to be used in each of our levels. David has also represented Pocket Sized Hands at the Tech Rally VR Edition event in Berlin, Germany, where he pitched Honeypot Espionage to an audience and promoting our game to the public. David has a real passion for learning and looks to always progress and improve in all areas. This way he can develop his artistic skillset to continue expanding his portfolio and producing brilliantly done assets for our studio’s projects.