Gary McCartan | CEO | Designer - Programmer

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Before joining Abertay University, Gary worked in the NHS as an A&E nurse. By the end of his time in A&E, Gary was managing different areas on the department on a shift basis and you can imagine the challenges faced. His time in A&E helped build confidence in a leadership role and with this experience he was the right fit to become project lead for Pocket Sized Hands. Now completed his Computer Games Technology course at Abertay University, Gary has received a distinction for his contribution to his university work 2 years in a row. Over his time at University he contributed to research projects at Abertay, building VR content to help researchers to collect data on how people perceive potential hazards as well as building bespoke software for lecturers. Gary also takes time out of his studies to take part in game jams, having finished 7 now. Winning Best Student Game at Jamchester 2016 alongside having a game featured in as one of the top 5 VR games of the Global Game Jam 2017.