Wan Daniel | Lead Artist

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Previously before taking part in the Computer Arts course in Abertay University, Dan worked in several art deparments among a number of companies focused on the creation of TV series and games. This included working with Disney, Pixar, as well as being an outsource for a few other indie startups as a concept illustrator and 3D character artist. Dan received an official AsiaGraph award for the short film project he created and line produced with his team back in college; The One Academy. Dan has worked as a freelancer doing outsourcing work. The freelance work done mostly consisted of concept art and illustrating characters and completing commissions from time to time. Dan considers doing freelance work as his hobby, alongside the idea of getting to paint every day. After attending his third year in Abertay, Dan received great distinction in Computer Arts and is now pursuing his final year for a bachelor’s degree. With this included, he is now a freelance artist and student, as well as the art director for Pocket Sized Hands.